New homage t-shirt design for Star Trek: Discovery

Every once in a rare while I take time to design a graphic targeted for t-shirts.  Here is my latest!  I’ve been watching the new Star Trek: Discovery and I’ve been all over the map about how I feel about it.  It’s not that it isn’t a good show, my guess is that I’ve known Trek all my life and have mixed feelings about this new show making references to the past in ways that both put me off and bring joy to know those hallmarks are still loved enough to write into their scripts.  Without question I am glad this show exists and thanks CBS for taking the extra time to get it right.  I’m also a big fan of Harve Bennett and Rod Roddenberry’s past work in the Trek universe!  And I’ve met these two and they are really neat in person too!  I believe this new series is in good hands and deserves to be watched thoroughly.  If you don’t you may miss a lot of subtleties that are actually very respectable.  Also you will be missing GREAT acting by everyone on the cast.  My love to Doug Jones who has blown me away.  I’ve met him too and he is just as thrilling and kindly a spirit as he puts on screen.


So back to this design.  It’s just for fun.  It was directly inspired by watching the show, and I purposely tried to not tempt CBS to get mad at me and waste money coming after me for copyright infringement.  Seriously, one hour of paying their attorneys is going to be much more expensive than me maybe getting some Starbucks latte money.  If you are a suit at CBS or Paramount involved with the show, I’ll buy and send you a shirt!  It would be an honor!  Same goes with the cast.  I’d send a big box of them to your offices, but alas I am not a wealthy content creator.  This was made out of appreciation of your work!